Change Iphone Boot Logo. W/O Reinstalling Firmware

It has become really easy lately to change your boot logo on the iphone. Before If you wanted to get rid of that silly apple or odd pineapple then you would have to recompile your firmware and use quickpwn to reinstall. That is because, on the iphone and I would imagine ipod touch also, this image is stored in the boot loader. So it’s not as easy as just using scp to upload a new image to a certain directory.

Luckily an app has been released that allows you to replace the boot image on the iphone with any image you like. The iphone and ipod touch seem to like png images so I would recommend exporting your image as one.

The screen on the iphone is 320 by 480 pixels and your image can use every pixel. The iphone will not play animations during boot yet though.

So how to do it. As long as your phone is jailbroken and you have cydia installed on your iphone or ipod touch then you can just load up cydia and touch the sections button at the bottom.
After the list shows up scroll down to find the LogoMe entry. Touch it and then install it.

Once the application has been installed on your iphone or ipod touch then launch it from the springboard. You will be given the option of adding an image for the boot logo from either the web by providing a url or from the pictures that you have locally on your iphone. I used the web option and provided
Which looks like this:

ninja boot logo for iphone

ninja boot logo for iphone

Check the preview to make sure it looks good before you set it as the default boot logo for your iphone or ipod touch. After you’re satisfied that it looks good then hit the install button and wait. It took a bit for it to flash my iphone with the new image and hopefully it won’t take much longer on the ipod touch.
After the install process finishes then reboot and check it out.

I also put this one together:

ninja iphone boot logo

ninja iphone boot logo


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