What Happened to My Terminal??

I tried a ‘tail settings.pyc’ in a new django project and I guess pyc means compiled?
Kinda neat what it did to my terminal though. Those lines ending in the dollar symbol are actually me hitting enter, that is my prompt.
whats wrong with cody taylors terminal?


One Response to “What Happened to My Terminal??”

  • Matt Says:

    .pyc files are indeed compiled byte code rather than the .py source file(I believe, me and python had a fight many years ago and haven’t spoken in a while). What actually causes the corrupt display is the fact that the character sequence representing ^n was sent to the display, putting your terminal into a mode that uses the 8 bit IBM PC Exctended Character Set rather than what it was set to previously (whether UTF-8 style or 7 bit ASCII). The side effect of this is that the incorrect characters are displayed. This can typically be fixed by typing:
    Or by using ^o.