Bing VS Google Bandwidth Comparison

With the unveiling of Microsofts new search engine Bing I was curious to see which site uses more bandwidth per load and query. These results are taken from the firefox plugin firebug’s Net feature. This plugin will tell you what files were downloaded and how big they were along with how long they took. It’s a great way to see how fast your site is going to be.

Google Main Page 20 KB
Search for Cody Taylor 38 KB
Search for asdf asdf 10 KB

The search for Cody Taylor was so large because of images displayed at the top of the pages.

Bing Main Page 109 KB
Search for Cody Taylor 22 KB

Over 5 times the data of Google. The search for Cody Taylor on Bing didn’t show any pictures but was still twice the size of a normal Google seearch. If we take into account the New Ajax onMouseOver event on Bing for each search result it becomes 27 KB still without any images. Remember those articles that went off about how much energy every google query uses? Looks like Bing more than triples that amount.

Of course both these sites are much more effecient when we take into account that after the first visit most of the large data is already cached in our browser. For this test I was clearing all my cache between each transaction.

Bing does have quite a few redeeming features and for a first impression it looks like it may be a serious contender but it still lacks the simplicity and speed of google.


7 Responses to “Bing VS Google Bandwidth Comparison”

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  • Kurt Says:

    I for one find Bing is extremely attractive when searching for items in categories like:
    1. Shopping
    2. Local
    3. Travel
    4. Health

  • sarmad haddad Says:

    With all respect , Google Allready has these categorised shearches , example : what bing called Shopping –> is in google ages ago , and is called “Google Product search” that comes with a compare prices button … needless to say about google travel and all others

    As for usual searches , i think bing did much better than live search , but still it is wayyyyyyy behing google in terms of the way the algorithim is made , and honestly it is hard to compete with google , with all its guidlines given to webmasters , that actually makes any webpage submitted to google , very upto the point , and witch basicly helps in giving anyone who search the perfect answer

  • ryan Says:

    I already liked Bing before it was Bing, aka Live Search. My only quip is the image search interface – it runs like junk in Opera.. but people who use the browser make up but a fraction of a percent.

    Still, I think Bing has a great running start and it’s the only search engine that can give Google a run for its money in terms of results. Now if that Yahoo deal goes through, we might have a real fight on our hands.

    And even though it’s not really relevant to the power of Bing, I absolutely love the splash page. Something cool to see there every day.

  • Xeev Says:

    On the contriary, I belive Bing’s algorithm is superior to google’s. While depending on individual approach and searched terms. My everyday searches are faster using bing giving more relevant links and just love image search. No more nasty paging :-D. Maybe its just me, but I think google is too sure with their dominance that they stopped enhancing services (I didn’t notice upgrade in several years). And here comes Microsoft shooting new and enhanced features on google’s playfield. Let there be competition :-).

  • VVR Says:

    It is very good to see that Microsoft is supporting to search the website database very quickly than the

    It will stay as oppponent to always.

  • Sarmad Haddad Says:

    Dear Xeev , Please check google labs to actually see how much Google is improving and what new products and services they are working on , and how many search features are in there labs waiting to be mature enough to go live , that is as a reply to you saying : (i quote ): ((Maybe its just me, but I think google is too sure with their dominance that they stopped enhancing services (I didn’t notice upgrade in several years).))

    All in all I agree that image search is better on Bing , but algorithm and real results , Google is way ahead