Sun’s CEO On FOSS and the Cloud

ruphus13 writes “Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz continues to promote the use of Open Source, and says the downturn in the economy will only boost the momentum behind FOSS. From his post, ‘Free and open source software is sweeping across the vast majority of the Fortune 500. When you see the world’s most conservative companies starting to deploy open source, you know momentum is on your side. That’s creating massive opportunity for those of us who have pioneered the market, to drive commercial opportunities… We announced just last week that we’re building the Sun Cloud, atop open source platforms — from ZFS and Crossbow, to MySQL and Glassfish. By building on open source, we’re able to avoid proprietary storage and networking products, alongside proprietary software.'” In related news, the Sun-IBM deal proposed last week has been called “anti-competitive” by a tech industry group, while others are speculating on how it could affect Linux and Java.

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