Oct 7 2009

Reset Mysql Root Password On Linux

If you have root access to a linux server and you don’t have the root mysql password, but need it, then you can easily reset the root mysql password in just a few commands. These commands probably differ depending on what linux distro you use. I was using Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) when I wrote this.

Firstly you will want to turn the mysql service off.

codytaylor@server:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop
 * Stopping MySQL database server mysqld   

Now we restart the mysql server with the ‘skip-grant-tables’ option which basically allows anyone to do whatever they like. It’s usually preferable to include the ‘skip-networking’ option so that only localhost (you) have access to the naked database.

 codytaylor@server:~$ sudo mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables --skip-networking &

Now all that is left is actually changing the root password. Log into the mysql monitor and change the root password.

codytaylor@server:~$ mysql -u root mysql
mysql> UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('password') WHERE User='root';

Those commands will reset the root mysql password to ‘password’. Now you’ll probably want to restart the mysql service and have it run normally.

codytaylor@server:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart

If you are using windows and you want to reset the mysql root password then check the mysql documentation.


May 24 2009

Stream Video To The Iphone Using Tversity

Stream Video to Iphone with Tversity

After using Tversity for quite some time to stream my media to my Xbox 360 over my local network, I decided I wanted the same functionality on my iphone.
This is how I did it:

Logged on to my wifi with my iphone and pointed safari to: which is the ip address of my tversity windows server.
41952 is the port that the tversity mediaserver listens on.

I was then shown a nice and easy to navigate web interface to browse through all my folders.

After locating a basic xvid tv show I selected “Play in Media Player”.

The iphone loaded the media player and seemed like it was going to load the movie but then this error popped up.
“This movie format is not supported”.

I searched and searched for a solution to this but found none so I transcoded a video file using one of the many ipod touch video converter programs and added it to my media in tversity.

When I browsed to this file in Tversity and clicked play it worked.
It’s kinda a pain that Tversity can’t handle converting these files on the fly but it’s still useful to watch videos on my mobile


May 14 2009

Lawyer challenges Mulroney's 1996 testimony during Airbus lawsuit – CBC.ca


Lawyer challenges Mulroney's 1996 testimony during Airbus lawsuit
Brian Mulroney testifies at the Oliphant commission looking into business dealings between Karlheinz Schreiber and former prime minister.
Mulroney in hot seat over selective answers The Canadian Press
Mulroney grilled for not disclosing Schreiber cash Canada.com
National Post – CTV British Columbia – Toronto Star – CBC.ca
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May 14 2009

Real sues MPAA, DVD CCA for antitrust abuse

RealNetworks today fought back against Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) claims that it was aiding piracy by filing counterclaims against both six studios in the MPAA and the DVD Copy Control Association. Sent through a Northern District of California court, the complaints accuse both groups of violating antitrust law by colluding…


May 14 2009

Confirmed Gmail / Google App Outage

mbone writes “Earlier today there was a confirmed Google outage which got a lot of attention from network operators. From a post to NANOG after everything calmed down: ‘Google ack’da maintenance on their core network did not go as planned-Forced traffic to one peer link that was unable to handle all the traffic. Maintenance has been rolled back. Issue has been restored.’ This is exactly what makes me nervous about cloud computing and data storage. It’s bad enough when I screw up a config and it takes down my mail, but what about when it happens to the entire globe at once?” Several readers also point to CNET’s coverage of the outage. Update: 05/14 19:25 GMT by T : CWmike adds this: “Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes that what may be happening is a massive DDoS attack. Based on the size of the attack that would be needed to interfere with Google, I believe that it’s quite likely to be the result of an attack from the controllers of the Windows worm, Conficker. Another theory that has been put about — that the problem was due to AT&T NOC routing problems — does not appear to hold water, writes Steven.”

Read more of this story at Slashdot.


May 14 2009

Vulnerability Renders MPAA/RIAA Copyright Warnings Useless

In a bid to educate pirates, copyright holders hire companies such as BayTSP to track down people who share their titles on P2P networks. The alleged infringers then receive a warning and are given the opportunity to resolve the issue. However, this system is vulnerable to abuse and therefore completely useless.


May 14 2009

John Ivison: Crocodile tears from Brian Mulroney – National Post


John Ivison: Crocodile tears from Brian Mulroney
National Post
The Airbus affair clearly stirs bitter memories for Brian Mulroney. He was on the verge of tears as he discussed the eight-year RCMP investigation into whether he took kickbacks on Air Canada's 1988 purchase of Airbus planes at the Oliphant commission
Mulroney breaks down on the stand Canoe.ca
Mulroney lists international contacts to rebut Schreiber testimony. Canada.com
Globe and Mail – Toronto Star – CTV.ca – CBC.ca
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May 14 2009

Following The Leader: Social Networks Of Schoolchildren

Kids always seem to be ahead of trends, and marketers realize the importance of new products and services taking off with the younger set. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research helps identify which children might be the trendsetters of their generation.


May 13 2009

Tearful Mulroney recalls pain of RCMP letter – Toronto Star


Tearful Mulroney recalls pain of RCMP letter
Toronto Star
OTTAWA–Brian Mulroney broke down in tears on the witness stand today as he recalled the personal devastation he suffered when news broke in 1995 that the RCMP considered him a suspect in the Airbus fraud case.
Mulroney lists international contacts to rebut Schreiber testimony Ottawa Citizen
Schreiber in hospital after gall bladder surgery Edmonton Sun
CTV.ca – CityNews – National Post – Macleans.ca
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May 13 2009

Schreiber recovering after gall bladder surgery – CTV.ca


Schreiber recovering after gall bladder surgery
Karlheinz Schreiber is recovering in hospital Wednesday after having surgery to remove his gall bladder. The German-Canadian businessman was taken straight to hospital from the Oliphant inquiry Tuesday, where former prime minister Brian Mulroney was
Schreiber recovering in hospital following gall bladder surgery CBC.ca
Apologetic Mulroney regrets poor record-keeping Globe and Mail
National Post – Canada.com – The Canadian Press – Globe and Mail
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