Windows 7 RC Rush Crashes MSDN, TechNet Pages

CWmike writes “Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN) and TechNet paid subscribers were supposed to find the 32- and 64-bit editions of Windows 7 RC available for download today. But in a snafu reminiscent of the problems Microsoft had in January when it tried to launch Windows 7 Beta, the download pages for the release candidate were inaccessible, despite numerous attempts over an hour-long span up until about noon Eastern. TechNet and MSDN subscribers were not happy. ‘Man, this stinks,’ said a user identified as Lyle Pratt, on a TechNet message forum at 10 a.m. ET. ‘I can’t believe we can still bring MSDN to its knees!’ said John Butler, a Microsoft partner. ‘Surely, they should be able to deal with this? Not a good advert for Microsoft.’ The Windows 7 RC is slated to be available for public download next Tuesday, May 5. Meanwhile, Microsoft said today that the RC would operate until June 2010, for 13 months of free use — a significantly longer time than it did with Vista’s previews.”

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