Social Networking Behavioral Agreements At Work?

r0nc0 writes “My company (a Fortune 15 company) has recently required everyone that accesses the company portal to accept or decline an ‘agreement’ that governs the use of social networking. It basically states that any discussion of the company or any of the work that you do, whether at the office or at home, must be governed by their rules of social networking. Naturally these rules are that you never say anything bad or negative about the company, nor do you say anything bad or negative about anything. It’s presented like a EULA, but if you decline more than 3 times your manager is notified. Naturally I declined it each time until my manager complained to me about all the email he was getting about me not accepting the agreement, so I went ahead and accepted, knowing that anybody who cares would just post anonymously anyway. This is the first time I’ve run into a forced agreement about social networking, and the agreement is so broad that it can’t possibly be enforced. I’ve tried pointing out that agreements like that only drive people away and aren’t necessary anyway, but I might as well talk to a brick wall. Has anyone else out there run into social networking behavioral agreements like this?”

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