May 23 2009

Iphone Lag Fixes

I’ve been spending way to much time on my iphone lately and It’s been becoming a little unresponsive. When I scroll I notice the refresh rate is delayed and loading programs like phone, sms and safari are delayed. At first I thought that my theme was the cause but even after turning off all winterboard effects I still have the same problem. I decided to research the issue and here are my results.

  • The iphone is said to never shut a program down so the memory of the device is getting saturated. To cure this you need to reset the device.You would think that powering down and back up again would do this but apparently you need to hold the power button and the home button at the same time until the iphone shuts down.
  • Remove unused programs. As soon as I got rid of a few of the apps that I never use the phone started responding a lot quicker but still not quick enough.
  • Turn off ssh. Running the ssh daemon in the background is using resources. If you’re not scp’d or ssh’d into the phone at the moment then why do you have it running?
  • Turn off the GPS services. If you need it then turn it back on. In Settings => General click “Location Services” to off. This will also help with battery life on the iphone.
  • If you’re suffering from SMS lag I’ve read that opening and closing the app store solves the problem on the iphone.

Mostly straight forward but still useful. I’ve found that Winterboard does not cause any lag whatsoever. I’ve tried multiple themes and played around with each and they don’t seem to lag the phone out at all.