Sony Charges Publishers For DLC Bandwidth Usage

tlhIngan writes “Since October 1, 2008, Sony has been billing game publishers for DLC bandwidth usage. The game companies are forced to pay 16 cents per gigabyte downloaded by users (the ‘Playstation Network Fee’) regardless of whether the content is free or paid. The good news is that free content will only be billed during the initial 60 days it’s up, but paid content will require fees forever. (No word on whether free content will mysteriously disappear after 60 days, though.) Given that some popular game demos run over a gigabyte by themselves, it could easily start costing publishers serious money (16 cents each for a few million downloads adds up). So far, it hasn’t cut down the content available (or few publishers have started pulling content), but it’s too soon to tell. It should be noted that Microsoft isn’t charging publishers any money for content on Xbox Live, though some may argue that the ‘gold premium content’ is the same thing.” Perhaps this is one of the reasons various publishers are pressuring Sony for a PS3 price cut.

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